NEW------------ON SALE----PAINTED E. ALLEN DECOYS----ON SALE-----------NEW

One of our friends (Joe VanWie-New York) bought a bunch of our E. Allen Decoys the last couple years and has had a ball painting them. The problem...he's out of room and wants to continue painting. So, we're helping clear out his basement (again) so he can buy more dekes to paint. These are from the 2nd set of decoys he's painted and the are painted with FME paints (Flat Marine Enamel) and Golden Acrylics. All these birds are painted and keeled. They are ready to hunt. The Canvasbacks also have glass eyes installed.
All we're asking is $55 each ($60 each for the Oldsquaw drakes-includes tail & glass eyes) your pick (plus packing & shipping costs). We can pack and ship, no problem.
We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex, Postal Money Orders, checks & Paypal. Let us know what works for you..
All these dekes are at my shop & we will update as they sell.
More pics to follow.
Holler with any questions and enjoy the hunt.
Home/office: 586-790-2678
Shop: 586-465-0339

Canvasback drakes
Hooded Merganser drakes
Mallard Drakes
Mallard hens
Oldsquaw drakes
Oldsquaw hens