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Teal: Greenwing  - Drake HTGW-D $8.00
Teal:Greenwing  - Hen HTGW-H $8.00
Teal: Bluewing  HTBW $8.00
Wood Duck - Drake HWD-D $9.25
Wood Duck - Hen HWD-H $9.25
Widgeon HWGN $9.25
Pintail-Reg. & Slpr HPT $9.25
Shoveler HSH $9.25
Magnum Mallard / Black- Snuggler Dabbler HMM-DAB $10.50
Magnum Mallard / Black- Regular Head HMM-REG $10.50
Magnum Mallard / Black- High Head HMM-HGG $10.50
Magnum Gadwall HGAD $10.50
Bufflehead- Hen HBH-H $8.00
Bufflehead- Drake HBH-D $8.00
Standard Scaup/Bluebill-Squat HBB-SQT $9.25
Standard Scaup/Bluebill- (Reg) Head HBB-REG $9.25
Goldeneye- Hen or Drake HGE-H or D $9.25
Muhs Mag. Mallard-Hi, Med, Low HGE-H-M-L $10.50
Ringneck-Reg & Slpr HRN $9.25
Redhead - Drake or Hen HRH-DK or HN $10.50
Mag. Buffy Squat-D or H HMGS-H or D $10.50
"Big Blue"- Scaup, Super Magnum Bluebill HBBL-REG $13.50
Red Breasted Merganser HRBM $11.75
Common Merganser- Hen or Drake HCM-H or D $13.75
Mag. Buffy...Buff-Zilla HBZLA-D $10.50
Brant- Swimmer & Regular HBRT-SWM or REG $11.25
White Wing Scoter with clam in mouth HS-WW-WC $18.25
Surf Scoter & White Winged Scoter HS-SRF or WW $13.50
Mag. Goldeneye...GeeZilla   $12.75
Common Eider- Drake or Hen HEC-DK or HN $15.25
King Eider- Drake HEK-DK $15.25
Common Drake Eider with clam in mouth HEC-DK-WC $18.25
Giant Oldsquaw     $13.50
Giant Harlequin   $13.50
Coot-Swimmer HCT-SWM $10.50
Hooded Merganser-ALL HHM-DB & GP $10.50
Mallard-Wing Preener HM-WPN $11.25
Mallard-Wing Preener
(extra wings)
WM-WPN $14.50
NEW! Super Mag. Goldeneye HGE-SMG $16.75
Giant Redhead-N/A    

Heads also available for New Magnum Bufflehead (BuffZilla),
Magnum Buffy Squat (drake & hens), Standard Canvasback
by Bud Shell and Standard Mallard by Bud Shell,
Magnum Goldeneye (GE-Zilla), and the NEW Super Mag.
Oldsquaw & Super Mag. Harlequin
(see catalog-pdf download).



Testors Dullcote  3oz can    $5.69 Tdull
Keels for Decoys-standard size
(weighted, add $8.00)    $12.00
Keels for Decoys-large size
(scoters/eiders)    $18.00
(weighted, add $10.00)


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