Eddie Kershaw-United Kingdom-Decoys & Wood Shop

Allow me to introduce Eddie Kershaw. Eddie is a friend of mine who I met through the Duck Hunters Boat Page in 2008. Turns out, we're pretty much...kindred spirits. We're both the same age and involved in Wood Working, Decoy Carving and Duck Hunting as well as Fly Fishing & Fly Tying. He sent me pictures of some of his workshop, projects and an article written about him in the UK. There are also some pictures of a wooden boat that is currently "on the bench" and is a work-in-progress. We will be seeing more of this project as he gets heat and insulation into his shop.

I find it exciting to be involved with folks up to a half a world away. Though, any further and they'd be "less than half a world away". ;) Click on the link above for the article on Eddie and peruse the pictures I've posted here for your enjoyment (click on thumbnail picture for a larger format picture).

You can contact Eddie by email: working_decoys@yahoo.co.uk
His profile & info is also listed in the Duck Hunters Boat Page.

Thanks to Eddie for enhancing my world view of our hobbies.
Lou Tisch

Kershaw Shop ceiling-walnut
Kershaw shop walls
Kershaw Shop Walls
Kershaw Shop Walls
Eddie's shop-panels added
Eddie's shop-paneling
Eddie's shop-new panels
Eddie's shop-new compressor
Eddie is progressing nicely on his shop enlargement. He has installed a bunch of the paneling, both on the walls as well as the ceiling. Eddie just bought a new compressor that will help move all his projects along at a faster clip. Keep rockin' Eddie. ;)
Eddie-Dog & Goose
Eddie's shop
Eddie's shop
Eddie's shop
Eddie's shop
Eddie's shop
Eddie's shop
Eddie's shop
Eddie is working at enlarging the size of his shop for boat building and woodworking. He has the insulation, wiring & lights in and now is working on the paneling and heat.
Kershaw Pintail
Kershaw Pintail & Teal
Kershaw Teal

More pictures to come as I receive the files from Eddie or scan some of the pictures I've recently received.

Keep your eyes open here. ;)

Eddie Kershaw


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