Scull Hunting Video

We currently have a 2 hour video on hunting, using our BRANT II 2-man scull boat, the WHISTLER 2-man pumpkinseed style layout boat, the SOUTH BAY SCOOTER (2-man marsh and layout boat) and the E. ALLEN DECOYS.

This video includes two hours of hunting, set-ups and sculling instructions. You will see scull hunts in good weather and fowl (pun intended) on Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Mallards, Woodies, Bluebills, Merganser, Redheads and Coot (yes...Coot). We also have a segment on the two-toned brown base camouflage pattern which we have developed through PPG for our marsh hunting.

We have been working with some biologist, from the U.S. FISHERIES & WILDLIFE DEPARTMENT, in their studies and collections. They specifically needed to collect actively feeding diver ducks so as to check stomach contents to track their feeding habits and their impact on the Zebra Mussel infestation we have here in Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie .

Our BRANT II scull boat and our sculling has proven to be the most effective means they have found to harvest these birds. Also included is footage showing how we set up for layout hunts in conjunction with our sculling.

We use the sculler and tenders (22' & 18') to set decoys for our WHISTLER and SOUTH BAY SCOOTER, then pull back to shore or anchorage with the scullers and tenders. We will set decoys out near shore and scull through the decoys when birds land. We also go out sculling on rafts of birds for shooting and to push them for our layout shooters. We will typically have two or three scull boats on shore to lend support and versatility to the hunting. We are featuring our own guide service LOU'S GUIDE SERVICE and THE COVERED GATE OUTFITTERS
-$25.00 plus $6 shipping/handling -VHS Format
-(DVD coming Soon-Approximately June 2011)-or, as soon as possible thereabouts

Decoy Painting Video-Vol. I-"Six Drakes"

This video is a 2 tape set on painting the E. ALLEN DECOY. Following a brief introduction we cover: materials needed, overview of decoys available, preparation, assembly & priming. Then we move on to paint six drake decoys: Bufflehead, Goldeneye, Mallard, Bluebill, Redhead and Canvasback using our flat marine enamel paints as well as some acrylics.

We also show and explain how to keel and rig your decoys for puddleduck hunting and open-water layout shooting with mother lines. You will also get a chance to see some of the other drakes and hens to be shown in subsequent videos. ***This video gives you a "close-up", almost "hands-on" look at decoys and painting.

Now available on DVD - 2 Disc Set, $45.00 plus $8 shipping/handling

Decoy Painting Video-Vol. II-"Hen Mallard"

This new 2 hour video on painting the E. ALLEN DECOY, covers the Hen Mallard. Following an introduction, we move into an overview of references and the materials you will be needing to complete your decoy. This includes: books, paints, primers, clear coats, marine bondo and brushes. We carry these materials in stock for your convenience. The necessary prep, assembly and re-priming instructions are covered in Vol.I

This video shows you two painting styles: one shows more detail while the second is very simple. We also give you an overview of all the decoys we carry. This video is another "close-up", "hands-on", "how-to" video brought to you by our own "Kitchen Table Productions".

-$25.00 plus $6 shipping/handling -VHS Format
(DVD coming soon!-Approximately June 2011