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Lou & Anne Tisch
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*MOOD-Sculling-by Lichon
*GD-Dog Box by Joe & Lou
*WUSA-The Hunt-by Tisch
*FB-Sculling by Lou Tisch
*FB-FlatsRig by Lou Tisch

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Visqueen as Camo (pdf)

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Atlantic Brant Report 2010

Lock Stock & Barrell, Inc.

Helping You Enjoy Your Sport

LOUIS TISCH, President - LS&B

My name is Lou Tisch, the President of Lock Stock & Barrell, Inc. and "I'm here to help you enjoy your sport." We manufacture several fully hand laid fiberglass duck hunting boats. These boats are designed by waterfowlers for waterfowlers. They will give you years of excellent service and a legacy to pass on to your children & grand children.

All of our duck hunting/waterfowling boats are available fully assembled as well as in kit form. When you purchase one of our kits, you receive all the fiberglass pieces (deck & hull, etc.) just as we use them, along with a hardware package and a video assembly manual. We are there with support to help make your experience pleasant and successful. We are a success when YOU succeed.

Brant I - A one man sculling boat. Sneak/Layout (Marsh)
Brant II - Two man sculling boat. Sneak/Layout (Marsh, River, Lake)
Brant II-"X" - Redesigned deck for stealth and convenience +++
Whistler - Two Man "Pumpkinseed" style layout boat
South Bay Scooter - Two man Marsh/Layout boat/ optional blind

Whistler's Kid Brother - One Man "Pumpkingseed" style layout boat (in development)

We manufacture a 6' fiberglass Goose Decoy/Blind and a Field Marsh Blind kit "The Mud Box". Available as a kit, ready for your custom touch. Both of these blinds allow you to hunt where the birds want to be.

The E. Allen Decoy is a high density urethane foam reproduction of a pattern produced by Blue Ribbon Carvers. These decoys are tough and will stand up to years of use. They are impervious to most solvents, i.e. thinners and gasoline.

We have over 50 styles of decoys from which to choose. Your decoy is supplied unpainted with the head detached (some are one piece). This allows you total flexibility regarding the attitude and coloration of your decoys. Painted decoys are available on a limited basis for hunting, painting examples, mantle ducks or just to "look-see" prior to purchasing a full rig

New manufacturing processes allow us to supply you with a decoy that is pre-primed at our factory. This allows you to maintain all the detail originally cast into your block. We also stock all the materials you will need to paint and hunt these decoys: adhesive, primer, paint (FME & acrylics), brushes books, video, decoys & mother lines, keels, 5" line clips and moral support. You will be pleased with your results.

E. Allen Decoys

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